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Lanolin Cream - Best Treatment For Dry and Crack Skin

The lanolin cream is the cure to dry and cracked skin and hair. Lanolin is the extract that comes from sheep's fleece. Naturally, lanolin keeps the sheep's fleece moisturised. This is how lanolin is truly obtained.

Other Known Names for Lanolin

  • wool wax
  • wool grease
  • wool fat
  • adeps lanae

Lanolin Cream is Also Used In Cosmetics

Since lanolin can be safely applied to the human skin, it has been widely used in the skin industry on many cosmetic products. It is a fact that most eye and lip products contain lanolin.

The biggest reason is lanolin provides a moisturising effect. It is also good for emulsyfying. What does this mean? It means it can bind a good amount of water and maintaining the emulsion form at the same time.

Other health products that incorporate the use of lanolin cream as one of the ingredients are:

  • sunscreens
  • ointments
  • skin creams
  • foundation (makeup)
  • nail polish
  • aftershaves
  • hair sprays
  • hair bleachers
  • soaps

Other benefits of lanolin cream include healing acne and healing burnt skin (accelerating the skin repair process). Lanolin is even used as one of the ingredients for making surgical adhesive taps (which are skin-friendly) in the medical world.

Lanolin Cream for Breastfeeding

Anyone who has breastfed before knows that your breast nipple can become sore. This can make the breastfeeding mother feel uncomfortable, especially at her nipples.

Therefore, this is where the lanolin cream comes into rescue.

It is most recommended that you bring it to the hospital and have your doctor apply it for you.

Besides, it is safe for your baby to breastfeed from his or her mother's breasts. The lanolin cream is completely safe for your baby's mouth. In fact, it even moisturises the baby's lips.

So far, the best product for this is the Lansinoh HPA Lanolin cream.

Did You Know Lanolin is Also Present in Foods As Well?

Lanolin can be found in foods like chewing gums. The usage of lanolin in foods has been approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) in the US. In this case, lanolin is used as a food additive in the chewing gum as a base.

All in all, you should purchase the lanolin cream if you wish to protect your skin and remove dry and crack problems today.